Privately Owned Business Needs.
Privately Owned Business Knowledge.


Victor Reckmeyer, Founder

We are champions for Southeastern Wisconsin’s Privately Owned Business Community. This unwavering support drives every aspect of our practice. We understand the complexities and complications that affect privately owned businesses; influencing their immediate success and shaping their long term sustainability.

Our founder, Victor Reckmeyer brings over 20 years of general legal practice, knowing what is best for privately owned businesses. Guided by Victor’s commitment to nurture lasting and stable business partnerships, we value taking the time to listen and learn from you about the uniqueness of your company. We then identify, explain and advise for the specific needs of your business.

 A Responsive and Responsible Resource.

Unlike larger firms, we dedicate ourselves to solely assisting private business owners. You won’t find our legal team passing your concerns from one attorney to the next. We work alongside you as your in-house counsel, as a fundamental member of your business team.

We realize that in the normal course of your daily business, questions and concerns may arise that require legal counsel. We want to provide you with the greatest comfort level in contacting us without the concern of incurring additional costs. This is why we offer managed fee arrangements for our services. Within our managed fee arrangement, your business benefits from regular legal consultation on an “as-needed” basis. Monthly fees are mutually agreed upon and automatically paid by bank transfer, without time records, without invoicing, affording you the ability to reach out for legal advice whenever you see fit. Traditional hourly fee structures are also available, if that is better suited to your immediate or long term business requirements.